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NAAFI Bass Crew from Mexico City Charts Their Top Tracks

Catch NAAFI at Together Boston May 15-22
NAAFI (Photo Credit: Jesse DeFlorio)

NAAFI (Photo Credit: Jesse DeFlorio)

Together Boston is a full week filled with forward thinking musical events taking place at various venues across the city. Not just your average music festival, Together brings in artists who are pushing the boundaries of their respected style, revealing a new side to dance music that's far from the mainstream.

With this year's festival fast approaching on May 15-22, we tap the NAAFI Records crew hailing from Mexico City to tell us about their local scene and the music they feature on the label. Catch them at The Phoenix Landing on May 17th.

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What was your first exposure to electronic music?

Since NAAFI has a lot of members, it would be hard for me to speak in the name of everyone. We all came from different sounds, backgrounds, locations, countries but there was a point I can say where in sound we all got to the same place of the kind of music we are making and listening to.

Mock The Zuma - 'Octanaje' ft. Jamez Manuel

Part of Kevin's debut EP (Gauss) with NAAFI. This is the only track with a vocal, featuring Jamez Manuel a chilean rapper that we have worked before on the release "Agua" in 2012.

We shot a really dark video for it with our friend Federico Schott in Xochitlan de las Flores in the state of Hidalgo.

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What provoked you to start the NAAFI label and what type of music do you feature?

NAAFI started as a club night that would happen every 2 months in different locations of Ciudad de México featuring underrepresented sounds and genres. After a few years of connecting with a lot of artists, becoming friends and having a lot in common we decided to start releasing original material to give the acts a bigger impact in México's nightlife, since they were still very underground back then.

Paul Marmota - 'Aire'

Paul Marmota's first release of 2016. We can really see where his club tracks are heading with his very own sound. Expect more releases from Paul Marmota this year, since he has a lot projects coming up.

How has Mexico City affected your musical output? What is the scene like there?

There are a lot shows and options, it really seems like if someone thinks there is something missing they will have the initiative to make it happen, kind of our story too. Living in a city with so much music everywhere it's hard not to be affected by the context, and not only by the music in the street, but the clubs, the lifestyle, the fashion, and the hardness of the city itself.

OMAAR - 'GRT Acceleration'

One of 2 versions of OMAAR's 'GRT' track shows off his explosive production. This young talent from Coacalco, Estado de México will continue making a lot of noise.


If you live in Ciudad de México and go to NAAFI parties you have danced to this bootleg quite a bit. Lao's sets are always filled with these kinds of unexpected moments. Soon there will be original club tracks from Lao on NAAFI.

What can we look forward to in the coming months?

NAAFI artists Lao and Mexican Jihad will be performing @ Together in Boston, RBMA Festival in NYC and in Chicago. There will be more releases by Imaabs, Fuete Billete, Zutzut, Lechuga Zafiro & Lao. Expect more parties in CDMX, new merch and a new radio show where we are going to geek the shit out of different sounds.

Imaabs - 'Voy'

'Voy' perfectly describes the feeling of Distancia, Imaabs debut EP on NAAFI. This club track has gone around the globe and its always a bomb when dropped. Quite soon we'll be releasing Imaabs experimental club track 'Extravio'.

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