My experience at SXMusic was more than just an adventure on an island, it was an eye-opening understanding of the underground music outside of the states. The biggest realization was that Canada, specifically in Toronto and Montreal, had something serious brewing. The founder of SXMusic himself hailed from Montreal, so it was no surprise that he brought some great local acts from our Nothern neighbors. 

One of these local acts were from Toronto and had extensive understanding of melodies when it came down to electronic music. Somewhere between Sunrise meets Sunset, we get Nature of Music. Two guys with a lust for composition. Comprised of Mazi and Kian, two Toronto locals by way of Iran, these guys were worth bringing for a guest mix. 

Mazi and Kian were both born and raised in Iran, where they grew up playing various instruments. Mazi's grandfather was an accordion teacher and a poet and his family surrounded him with music. He picked up classical guitar at fourteen before he moved from Iran to Canada. Kian played Santur from the age of 12, which a traditional Persian instrument. He was always into various musical acts such as Pink Floyd, Peter Grabriel, Dead Can Dance, Nirvana, and Oliver Shanti just to name a few. Both guys were exposed to electronic music later in their lives and have found it forever a part of them. 

Nature Of Music

Mazi and Kian met in 2001, not in Iran where they both moved from, but in Toronto by living in the same neighborhood. They were introduced to club culture by a close friend, who was the nephew of the esteemed duo, Deep Dish, which was comprised of Sharam and the Sci+Tech label founder, Dubfire. After circulating the world of electronic music for almost a decade, Mazi and Kian eventually formed Nature of Music in 2009. 

"The idea behind Nature of Music was to leverage music’s ability to communicate certain things that we feel need a little more attention. Music in general has had such a big role when it comes to changing norms. Mindless art has never been appealing to us, and we’re hoping that with our music we’d be able to raise certain questions, and answer some…  "

Since they established themselves in Toronto, they have been a major part of the growing underground music scene. With the rise in the quantity of events, venues, and promoters, Toronto has become quite the hub for new artists. 

"The scene is growing day by day, and electronic music including all it’s sub-branches is getting recognized more and more. Just like anywhere else there’s always room for improvement but overall we’re very happy with the way things are at the moment. We have some amazing promoters and clubs who work hard to bring new sounds and talent to the city and this really helps educate the younger crowd. We also have some fantastic local artists here that will surely make some serious noise soon. Overall, Toronto has a nice future, and it’s already been home to some great international artists."

Nature Of Music

Nature of Music started working with the label, Sudbeat in 2014. They were given a chance to open for Hernan Cattaneo and after the show, he asked if they were producing music. The following day, NOM sent him their work and a day later he responded by requesting to release three of their tracks via Sudbeat. 

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"Hernan and his label Sudbeat provided us with a fantastic platform and we’re very grateful for that."

NOM aim to dive deeper into their music, evoking emotion and bliss. They provoke thoughts and feeling in the listener by including certain abstract acapella samples in their sets. A brilliant move which is ever present in their performances. 

"We dig to find these acapella… they can be about climate change, social and economical problems, racism or some times about space and astronomy. Basically anything and everything that stimulates your mind in some way… this gives us a better reason to do music, to do it for reasons other than just making people dance."

This March, NOM, released a new EP, titled Amsterdam via Sudbeat, but the buck doesn't stop there. They have also been picked up on a few podcasts, including Soundpark Music and Bespoke Musik. After their SXMusic appearance, they're lined up to play at the Electric Island series this summer in Toronto. Their future definitely looks bright and the guys have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline!

Check out their exclusive mix for Magnetic Mag: 

Follow Nature of Music: Facebook | Soundcloud

Catch them at Electric Island in Toronto this summer, full lineup below: 


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