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Ninja of Die Antwoord Recounts The Most Bizarre Story About Kanye West You Will Ever Hear

Banana pudding?
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Kanye West is known for being eccentric. Whether you're listening to his lyrics or reading through his Twitter feed, it's easy to see how he's a unique human being. For many who have spent time with him, there is bound to be an interesting story, but Ninja from Die Antwoord might have the most bizarre experience out of anyone. He recently recounted the tail and now a video has surfaced.

According to Ninja, he was in the studio with Kanye to record a track, when suddenly the hip hop icon started playing anal sex porn in the middle of their conversation.

“I had this idea for a track and, as I’m about to say the sh*t about the track, Kanye just turns on an anal sex video. Like a random anal sex video,” Ninja recalls. “And then Kanye says, ‘Why is this guy putting his whole hand in her ass with his dick?’ And then he turned back to me and said, ‘Sorry, what were you saying?’”

The video is a bit suspect, due to the way it's filmed, and we're not sure if we can trust everything Ninja is saying, but it's still an interesting story.

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Watch the video below to see for yourself.

In other news, Die Antwoord are sharing some fresh new music. You may notice "Bum" written on the wall in the video above. This is likely a nod to their recent tune 'Bum Bum'. 

[via: Your EDM]

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