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Police Wait Eight Hours to Shut Down Illegal Rave due to Safety Concerns

It's usually best to just let the people rave
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Rave (photo via Matthew Spong)

Police at a different rave (photo via Matthew Spong)

Hundreds of people flocked to the outskirts of Frome, a town in south west England, to partake in an illegal rave. The local authorities caught wind of the gathering, but due to a lack of resources could not shut down the party. 

The Avon and Somerset Police received complaints regarding the rave at around 1:30 AM on Sunday morning and upon realizing they did not have the resources to disperse the crowd, allowed the party to continue until 9:30 AM.

Chief Superintendent Ian Smith of Avon and Somerset Police, said they were concerned with the health and safety of the revelers.

"If we are aware in advance about a potential event, the law allows us to take action to close it down," Smith stated. "However, if it has already started... an assessment has to be made."

"There were a large number of people in attendance and we needed to have the right number of resources in place to make sure they could leave without putting themselves or others at risk."

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Local residents were outraged that their complaints were not dealt with swiftly. They took to the police force's Facebook page to express their concerns.

One local said, "PLEASE can someone do something about the all night rave going on in nr frome?

"I called it in at 2am and it's louder than ever atm. We've had NO SLEEP!!! Tried calling 101 but can't get through."

Other locals didn't seem to mind the rave and felt less of a disturbance. 

"I hear more from Glastonbury festival and that's miles away," she Michelle Hinks. "As long as they are being well behaved I can't see a massive problem."

Raves usually are peaceful gathering where people just want to blow off a bit of steam. At least this one wasn't like the rave on Halloween that erupted in a riot.

[via: BBC News]

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