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Prosumer Gathers Rare Vinyl Releases for YouTube Playlist

Listen to something new with a collection of rare records curated by Prosumer


According to many, the best DJs in the world know how to share an eclectic batch of music, delivering a selection that is foreign to our ears, but no less enjoyable. 

One such artist who continues to be a standout is Prosumer, a German artist who relentlessly provides us with musical bliss. He recently shared a YouTube playlist consisting of rare vinyl releases that are apparently only available in physical form, revealing a special collection of unique productions.

When introducing the playlist, Prosumer states: 

"10 records that, to my knowledge, are only available in physical form, some of them super rare. All of them come with their little story, the Wagon Christ was the first glow-in-the-dark record that I saw, so used to play that in the dark. "heat it up" has been a favourite for years but now is linked to the face of Mike Servito. The first Isolee mix I've ever heard. Dear old friends."

Each track has it's own distinct motif and Prosumer doesn't shy away from touching on multiple genres. Dig into the playlist below.

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