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Rave All Over The World Without Language Barriers

This amazing device lets you speak across language barriers

Many EDM fans are also world travelers, we are free spirits and as such we want to experience everything this planet has to offer. If you have traveled to different countries you may have encountered the issue of not being able to effectively communicate with the people that live there, but that problem will now be a thing of the past.

Waverly Labs has introduced a device called The Pilot, which is an in-ear real-time automatic translator. Both earpieces connect over Bluetooth to your smartphone, and you use their app to choose the languages it will be translating to and from. Then, each person puts one of the devices in. Afterwards, when each person speaks, it automatically translates for the other person and plays the translation into their earpiece. 

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The company hasn't released too many technical details just yet, but they have published a short introduction and demonstration video on YouTube, and it looks quite impressive. 


The current list of languages in the app include English, French, Spanish, and Italian, but you can expect that list to continue to grow as the company develops and demand increases. This is the technology of the future, and won't just be used for fans of electronic music, but all world travelers. 

This will definitely make the idea of destination festivals much less intimidating! 


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