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After listening to this new Rene LaVice tune it's clear to see why he called it 'Wicked It Worked', it definitely does.

Rene LaVice boasts two albums on RAM - Insidious back in 2013 and last year's standout, Play With Fire.  The latter gifted us banger after banger such as 'Hot Blooded', 'Untribaled', 'Air Force One', and my personal favourite - 'Where My Ladies At' (danna na na-naaaanaaa na na). Shit yeah, it was good. 

So good in fact, that this year, Rene's found the matches down the back of the sofa (sorry) and lit a new spark on some old heat (I'm even ashamed of myself at this point) - coming up trumps with a reworked version of the LP - Play With Fire (Deluxe)

The fresh reboot of this album has one new track on the block - a brooding, snapping, Junglist cut dubbed - 'Wicked it Works'. Magnetic fell on it in an excited lather the moment it landed. See why:

Yes sir, I think we must rule that this grinder indisputably does what it says on the tin - it definitely works. 

Pre-order the Play With Fire:Deluxe LP set to be released on the 20th of May!

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