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REZZ Shares Remix of 'Without A Trace' by Kill The Noise [Free Download]

A masterful remix by the one and only REZZ, available as a free download


As one of the fastest rising talents in dance music today, REZZ continues to prove why she's deserving of the spotlight. Simply put, her sound is unique and unmistakable. There's a dark motif she delivers which is coupled with a distinctly steady rhythm, allowing for her sound to appeal to a wide audience. What genre would you classify her musical output? We can't seem to put our finger on it, as it sounds like nothing else. Might as well make up a new classification, RezzStep, or whatever you want to call it, it's absolutely brilliant. 

Interview with REZZ

REZZ recently dropped a new remix of 'Without A Trace' by Kill The Noise that follows suite with her previously released, groundbreaking material. Rolling synths and a driving rhythm lay the foundation for an eerie melody and soft, soothing vocals. As a free download, it doesn't get much better. Scoop this one up asap and put it on repeat, you probably will after listening to the stream below. Free Download Here

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