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Someone Hacked Deadmau5's Soundcloud Account

And attempted to hack his various other accounts including Dropbox
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Yesterday afternoon a mysterious message was seen on Deadmau5's Soundcloud page, which stated that his account had been hacked by a group called OurMine Team. The hackers then informed the world via Twitter:

The message on his Soundcloud read: “Hey Joel , it’s OurMine Team , we are just testing your security , please dm us for contact.”

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OurMine is a self proclaimed "security group" who apparently hack random accounts to show how easy it is to breach their security. Their website, which is a Tumblr account, documents all the hacks they have done in the past.

Deadmau5 was quick to get his Soundcloud account back up and running, but the situation seemed to escalate when OurMine attempted to hack his various other accounts. Read the series of tweets below, which chronicle the situation.

[via: DA]

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