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Subb-an Blows The Roof Off The Standard In Los Angeles [Photos]

Magnetic hits up The Standard for a sonic journey with Subb-an

Most seasoned Los Angeles revelers have at least one Standard Rooftop story (mine involves copious amounts of whiskey and their unicorn topiary, and that's all I'm going to say). No matter how many times you've ventured up there, it doesn't get old. It remains one of the most unique and spectacular club locations in the country. Swim a few laps, canoodle in the waterbed cabanas, play some ping-pong in the Biergarten, and shake a leg on the dancefloor, all under the canopy of Downtown LA's towering skyscrapers.  If there was ever a bone to pick with The Standard, it was their anemic wedding reception-quality sound system. But with their recently added, sexy white Funktion-One stacks, the summer sessions on The Standard Rooftop are gonna blaze.  

This past Saturday, Magnetic hosted a little soirée on The Rooftop with one of our favorites, Subb-an. He laced us with a 2-hour set of the raw, funky grooves – somewhere between deep house and techno – for which he is renowned. Three hundred of our closest friends joined us. We nodded, we danced, we took pictures.          

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