There are few artists we can rely on when it comes to producing downright awesome dancefloor hits. However, nothing brings me back to the glory days quite like hearing 'Love Changes' and wondering what has happened to the scene. Then, WHAM! we get an MK remix of Wankelmut's 'My Head is A Jungle', which tore the roof off dance music back in 2014. Now he's continuing to showcase how fun House music can be with each new release. 

In reality, MK has been one of the most consistent producers of all time. His sweet melodic, rhythm driven tracks are club staples, they will move a dancefloor relentlessly. His motif is simply infectious and with it, he's influenced much of the popular styles we hear today. 

Marc Kinchen, as he's also known, is as much a veteran in dance music as anyone. He's marked the club sound with his music and has officially launched his own label, Area10 which has had branded stages at Tomorrowland, Creamfields, and Parklife. Upon the release of his new single with Becky Hills, 'Piece of Me', which was released in early March via Area10 and Sony, Magnetic took a few moments to catch up with the legendary artist. 

You have come a long way since 'Love Changes' and 'Always', how has it been working with house legends such as Masters at Work?

Yes, it has been quite a journey! Working with MAW was a treat for sure and we are still friends today. I didn't really go out much in the early days. I was really only interested in making music in the studio, so I knew who Kenny & Louie were, but they kind of came looking for me because they liked my records. I was surprised because I had no idea they even knew who I was. Working with them is a blast, I love those guys.

Do you think your style of music has changed since the '90s?

Yes, it has changed in subtle and not so subtle ways, but it's like everything else, things change, styles change, music changes even climate changes. I can definitely say that DJing out exposes me to a lot more music than ever before, so that also has an impact.

The old school style of House seems to be making a big comeback, do you have any thoughts on that?

I'm not sure if it's exactly old style house, it definitely has its roots there, but there is something different about it, from the technology and sounds we have now that we didn't have before and also the vibe is different from how it started. It has regenerated in a fresh new way.

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You just released your new single, 'Piece of Me'. What led to the production of this track? Inspiration? How has it been received thus far?

As soon as I remixed Rudimental’s, 'Powerless', I knew I wanted to work with Becky Hill. She’s got such a unique and soulful way of building and belting out great melodies. I started playing the track out months before we released it, and the reaction was huge, people kept asking for it on my socials, and I am so happy to see it finally out. Hopefully, it was worth the wait.


You recently started your AREA 10 Tour, how has it been so far?

It’s been a lot of fun, I had a pretty long break since the holidays. Not exactly a vacation break as I have been finishing up my album. I am doing some dates in the UK, Europe, US, Canada and Mexico.. and Malta. So far so good, I can't believe it's almost summer again.

Are you looking forward to any dates in particular?

I guess the opening night of Area10 at Pacha should be pretty great. Pete Tong, Camelphat and Becky Hill will be joining me that night. Then the next day is We R festival in Upminster where I play on Saturday, May 28, with Hannah Wants, Ben Pearce, Camelphat and a few other secret surprises. Then I go to Ireland on Sunday for the Life Festival and then onto my hometown, Detroit, for Movement. 

What should your fans look forward to from you in the coming year?

More original music! I’ve been in the studio finishing up my artist album, and I’m already playing a ton of my unreleased music during my shows. Can’t wait to put it out there!

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