Getting into Berghain is never an easy task. Facing rejection from the notorious bouncers is a common theme as they aim to keep the atmosphere filled with like minded individuals. Spending a night or day inside the hallowed super club in Berlin has become somewhat of a right of passage for many techno aficionados. But, of course, getting in is a necessary step to enjoying the experience.

Now anyone can test their luck by using Berghaintrainer; an in browser virtual reality simulator that analyzes your voice and facial expressions. You will need to get past one of the well-known bouncers, Sven Marquardt, by answering three simple questions, which range from: “How old are you?,” “Are you drunk?” and “Do you know who’s spinning tonight?”.

Whether you have tried to get into Bergahin in the past and have been turned away, or not, this could serve as good practice for the next time you face Sven. Perhaps if you answer all three questions correctly you will be able to get in, but this may be more difficult than you might think. 

Hey, if Claire Danes can get into Berghain, you might be able to make it in as well. Try for yourself here.

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