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The Complete History of Daft Punk Told Through a Creative Infographic

Brilliant illustrations accompany the history of Daft Punk
Expect More Daft Punk In 2015 With New Documentary

Daft Punk

By now the name Daft Punk and their robot helmets are known by most in and outside of electronic music. Their brand is as iconic as the music they produce. But how did they get to where they are today? 

The story of Daft Punk spans decades. Beginning in 1992 playing in an indie-rock band to their revolutionary set at Coachella in 2006 and all the way up to their most recent Grammy Award winning album released in 2013, Random Access Memories. Over the years the French duo have played an integral role in evolving electronic music, all the while staying true to their own distinct musical motif. 

Although they are very much a household name by today's standards, many may not know the full story of Daft Punk. Now we are given the complete narrative via an easily digestible infographic, chronicling the progression of our two favorite robots. There's much more to the tale than provided below, but you can get an idea of Daft Punk's progression simply by scrolling through.

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[via: Daily Infographic]

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