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Think You Know Music? Test Your Album Art IQ

Guess the iconic album art correctly and see how you measure up to other music nerds
Can you guess the album cover art correctly?

Can you guess the album cover art correctly?

So you think you're a music encyclopedia, well maybe that's a stretch, but you love music, have been listening to it for years, and have a pretty good memory? It's probably time to put all that knowledge to good use, other than debating music with the drunks at your local bar. In comes Red Bull Music Academy and their Album Art IQ Test.

In line with the RBMA Festival in NYC, the crew at Red Bull have teamed up with Folder Studio to launch the Album Art IQ game/test.  With hundreds of iconic electronic, hip-hop, metal and New York album covers to choose from, it's a fun way to learn about the history of music and test your skills against the rest of humanity.

Guess the cover art correctly, and reveal the history of the album and its artwork. Guess correctly the most, and you'll be sitting at the top of the leaderboard. See how much you know, here. Even if you don't take the test, the music on the home screen is a lot of fun, I've just been letting it play as I work, for the past hour. (joking, but not really)

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