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With the Red Bull Music Academy Festival in full swing this month in Brooklyn, a seriously stacked group of talent is coming through. Likely a major highlight on everyone's list is the upcoming collaborative event between Dekmantel and The Bunker NY. An all-star lineup consisting of Joey Anderson, Juju & Jordash, Palms Trax, Antenes, Clay Wilson, Bryan Kasenic and Dekmantel Soundsystem, each artist brings their own unique flair to the event that begs to be attended from start to finish.

As the night is fast approaching on May 7th, we thought it appropriate to honor the date and deliver 7 of our favorite releases to grace Dekmantel. It's not easy when each tune is as good as the last, but we try. From blistering techno, soulful deep house, and even atmospheric arrangements, there's something for everyone on this label that relentlessly continues to push the boundaries. Here we enjoy the full spectrum.

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MFO - Future City Traffic - Part 1

Mephisto Frequency Oscillator (MFO) is a duo consisting of Italian producers Rio Padice and Massimo Di Lena. This three track EP released in 2014 perfectly embodies the unique catalogue of Dekmantel. Each tune has it's own distinct style, unified by Funky analog textures and an infectious Deep House motif. Without a doubt an all-time favorite.

Juju & Jordash - Deep Blue Meanies (Robert Hood's Sci Fi Mix)

The legendary producer from Detroit, Robert Hood, serves up two quality remixes of the classic Juju & Jordash track, with his Sci Fi Mix solidified as an absolute classic. Hypnotic rhythms highlighted by progressive variations, this is Techno at it's finest.

Vakula - Picture Of You EP

An early release on Dekmantel from the Ukranian producer known simply as Vakula. Dreamy, atmospheric techno that allows the listener to drift away into a spacey, sonic journey. This release really has everything, from acid riddled tech house to a brilliant xylophone performance and rhythmic variations. A shining moment for Vakula and Dekmantel.

Makam - What Ya Doin' EP

Paired with an outstanding remix by Funkineven, this EP from Makam, and released in 2012, really pushes all the right buttons. From the soulful vocals to the catchy low end and intricate percussive arrangement, this music is just fun as fuck.

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Matrixxman - Nubian Metropolis EP

Perhaps I'm biased towards Matrixxman becuase he's just an overall good dude who makes quality dance music, but this release really is incredible. Any track would destroy the dancefloor and his raw production style truly shines through. The percussion on 'Siamese Twins' gets me every time.

Palms Trax - In Gold EP

Palms Trax really had a breakout year in 2015 in my opinion and this release was a major highlight. Dekmantel had this to say: "We consider Donaldson aka Palms Trax to be one of the most promising new artists to date. His sound situates him firmly along the Chicago-Detroit axis, cooking up pad-driven jams, off kilter drums and hazy synths that shift like a gentle musical tide." We honestly couldn't have said it any better.

Fatima Yamaha - 'What's A Girl To Do'

Although originally released in 2012 on a different label, there was no way we could leave this off. Dekmantel made a smart move in 2015 and picked up Fatima Yamaha for a proper release that just so happened to include this gem. Possibly one of the catchiest synth arrangements of all time, coupled with a sample from Scarlett Johansenn in Lost In Translation, this tune just tugs at the heart strings in the best way. 

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[photo credit: Bob Roijen]

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