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Truth Celebrates 100k with Free Download of Highly Sought After Dubplate, 'The Emperor VIP'

"Without a doubt our most requested and sought-after dubplate"

It was just last week the acclaimed duo, Truth celebrated 100,000 likes on Facebook and generously thanked their fans with a free download of their most sought after dubplate.

Truth, which has received worldwide recognition for their consistency in heavy bass lines and colossal wobbles, decided to rattle speakers across the globe with, 'The Emperor VIP'. As they always stay true to their sound, the track is rooted in a distinct Dubstep motif, which truly separates itself from the rest. It defies the norm by having multiple titanic drops and is lead with eerie electric guitar riffs. Though epic in all proportions, what is most striking about the 'The Emperor VIP' is that it gains more momentum with each passing second. But don't worry—you won’t be disappointed. The song properly resolves itself in the end and—more often than not—leaves listeners wondering what era they just journeyed through. 

True architects of the growing Dubstep empire, Truth did not disappoint with this VIP. Imperial vocals, symphonic ambiance, and haunting melodies draw fans deeper into their world. Be sure to grab the free download of potentially one of Truth’s most monumental tracks to date. WAV Download

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