VNYL, the record subscription service, has just revealed the world's first wireless turntable, aptly called TRNTBL.

The new gear uses wireless connectivity to allow users to share their music to social media and stream audio from platforms like Spotify. TRNTBL scans the music from the record that is playing and will be able to identify the music so users can share what they are listening to in real time. The bluetooth will also let users link TRNTBL to other devices.


"We believe TRNTBL can take center stage in your home. The player is beautifully designed to making listening to vinyl more accessible for this new and growing audience of premium music listeners,” said Nick Alt, VNYL’s Founder. “We look forward to connecting a new generation of vinyl lovers by way of the built-in sharing and community features of TRNTBL.”

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TRNTBL is currently priced at $351 for pre-orders, but the price will go up to $420 in the future. Expect the first batch to be shipped out this Summer 2016.

You can learn more about TRNTBL and pre-order here.


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