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Watch Armin Van Buuren Show Off His Skill with an All Vinyl DJ Set

Armin Van Buuren dusts off his records for a surprise, all vinyl DJ set
Armin Van Buuren (photo by Patrick Savalle)

Armin Van Buuren (photo by Patrick Savalle)

Armin Van Buuren has been DJing for decades, so it's not a surprise that he knows how to conduct himself behind a pair of turntables. He recently played an all vinyl DJ set while on his Embrace tour that's filled with numerous iconic Trance tunes.

When Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike broke out the vinyl for a short segment during one of their sets, it almost felt like a gimmick. Sure the mixes were clean, but the segment wasn't more than 12 minutes long. Armin has taken it a step further and performed for an hour. He's still doing his hands in the air pose that's become synonymous with his identity, and he definitely knows how to hype up a crowd. As vinyl continues to make a strong comeback in recent years, it's nice to see more DJs getting back to the medium. Let's see who's next to follow suite.

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