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Watch Grimes Perform ‘Flesh Without Blood’ Live on The Tonight Show

With her own distinct sense of style and sound, there's nobody like Grimes

Last night Grimes took the stage on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to perform 'Flesh Without Blood' off her chart topping album Art Angels.

It's always interesting to see electronic acts perform live on TV, but Grimes' performance is much more than just pushing buttons and singing. It's her energy that really draws us in. Whether she is jamming on guitar or doing those eccentric, pop-lock dance moves, it's hard to keep your eyes off her. Not to mention the music is as catchy and ever. She's a pop artist after all, but with an indie vibe and artistic expression that allows her to stand out from all the rest. For many of us who don't listen to pop music, Grimes is our guilty pleasure. 

Grimes On The Struggles of Women in The Music Industry

Grimes has also announced she has been working on new material and a new album is on the way along with a bonus edition of Art Angels. Stay posted for more details coming soon.

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