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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - May 20th, 2016

We touch on all forms of the Drum and Bass spectrum this week

Unrelated ramblings of a drum and bass brain...

- I've just experienced listening to music through proper big can headphones. Life will never be the same - don't think I can go back!
- Chase and Status are appearing at one of Parklife's Afterlife sessions in Manchester next month! My two favourite things collide. I've never understood the phenomena of a festival goer who has the ability to make it to an after party but in this case I am going to try and make an exception. Check out the rest of the offerings!
- London Elek is bringing a bloody 12 piece jazz band to Hospitality in the Park later in the year. "The London Elektricity Big Band will be a world first – a 12 piece brass band, rhythm section and 3 vocalists playing drum & bass for an hour." Say whaaat? Sign us up!
-  Anyone heard the drum and bass remix of Luniz's 'I Got Five On It'? I recommend!

The jams from last time...

'Call The Shots' - Disprove [Invisible]

So hearty. Soundcloud comment of the week: 'My d*ck went through the ceiling. Send help!' - mate, if I had one of those I'm sure mine would have too. Really worth a listen.

'Hold (Fred V & Grafix Remix)' - Dabin ft. Daniela Andrade [Kannibalen Records]

Go Fred V & Grafix! A 2 hour Essential mix out this Saturday on BBC Radio 1 and the new album - OXYGEN- coming soon... which you can pre-order from today!! 

'Suffer in Silence' - Lockjaw [Plasma Audio Melbourne]

Australia does great drum and bass. There. I said it! You can't fault offerings like the below and Royalston... I'm a traitor to my country but it's true. Atmospheric and truly unique.

'Centuria (Amoss Remix)' - Mayhem & Logam

This Herefordshire duo have been on the scene since 2010 and accomplished quite a bit over the past six years... firmly keeping an eyeball on.

'Hidden Fire' - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

S.P.Y catapulting at your eardrums via the 'The Future Sound Of Brazil' compilation! Hospital's ‘Future Sound of’ series is worth an investigate - they've got the US on board, now Brazil...I'm thinking the Antipodean shores are next but I'm just rumour mongering...

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'Children of Hell' - Muzzy [Monstercat]

The more I listen to Muzzy, the more I like. There's a real crossroads of uplift and the darker side of the beast - which gains maximum points from this camp. No mean feat!

'Pray (Bop remix)' - The Erised [Hospital Records]

Big fan of the original but due to it's un-drum and bassness have never been able to shout about it - thanks for coming to the rescue Bop. Needs filled!

'I Was' - Emperor [Critical Music]

Emperor has gifted us a debut album! 'Dispositions' is getting some tremendous feedback. Bit of trivia for you here, 'I was' was previously called 'I Am' but Phace nicked it in advance. 

'In This Light' - ShockOne ft. Savoi [Warner Music]

Absolutely joyous. If I died listening to this tune, I would be on my way to the great rave in the sky, a happy woman.

'Pop It Off (VIP Mix)' - The Prototypes ft. Mad Hed City [Viper Recordings]

Unsurprising that this ditty has soared to the top of the Beatport Charts - the boys putting another coat of gloss on their own perfection. Class!

Do the whole thing in one big go!

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