Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - May 27th, 2016

Delta Heavy drops a long awaited VIP, plus standout releases incoming from the likes of Icicle, SpectraSoul, S.P.Y., Emperor, L33 and more
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To channel the soothing vocabulary of my inter-country brethren Steve Irwin: Crikey. There are some big bastards lurking in the creek this week! I'll stop that now. Additionally, I feel like I've been smugly waiting forever and a day for the 'White Flag VIP' from High Contrast's UKF podcast to drop and I wish to cause you no further delay in listening to it!!
Breathe it in people...

'White Flag (VIP mix)' - Delta Heavy [RAM Records]

Ahhhhh... sweet relief. 

'Foxholes' - Emperor [Critical Music]

'Foxholes' hails from the new EP by Emperor - figured the rundown would be best spouted from the man himself: "’Dispositions’ is a piece of me, an insight into my personality. I wanted to create something that represented that and more importantly be an album that people wouldn't expect."

'Bat Country' - Conduct [Blu Mar Ten]

Always on the lookout for drum and bass done different - this is a particularly sexual example. Subdued but impactful. Straddling the vibes of both western and horror films. Cinematic as the press guff would say! Stirrings in my nether regions, as I would say.

'The Nothing' - Icicle ft Tasha Baxter [Shogun Audio]

Ah Icicle... drawing on 'The Nothing' (from classic childhood movie, The Neverending Story) as the conceptual backdrop for this tune... can. not. cope. 'Differentia' drops in June and the skinny is that our favourite frosty man is ramping up the tech and the dancefloor this time around.

'K.I.A' - Rawtekk [Med School]

Let the Children of the Corn album artwork not detract you from the eerily beautiful tunes within.

'Scatterbrain' - Matrix & Futurebound [Metro/Viper]

M&F's first new tune of the year! 'Scatterbrain' is intended to take you on a journey similar to that of a raver's night out - riding the high waves with energy and aplomb! Apolomb is a fun word in your mouth.

'Heal Me (SpectraSoul remix)' - Arctic Lake 

Piano medley's, soaring vocals ... erm...SPECTRASOUL. That is all.

'You Wonder' - Survey [Invisible]

Monstrous amounts of good oozing from Invisible Recordings of late. Survey helping maintain the stellar reputation here - on ya!

"Take Control"  - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

WOOF! Strong introduction. Like being zapped with a cow prod straight between the eyes! As for the rest, bloody hell, she’s a hummer.

'Drop It Down Low' - L 33 [Eatbrain] 

Not to be confused with Christina Milian's song of the similar title... somehow doubt L 33 is referring to his slut dropping prowess here. The new Karate LP is an absolute force! Lots of good but intense tracks to choose from. 'Electroshock' is also a doozy. Yeah, you heard me - dooooozy.

Guzzle it down in one!

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