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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - May 13, 2016

Best new trap tracks: New Party Thieves EP leads new Flosstradamus label. Plus UZ, Debroka, I.Y.F.F.E, Jason Voorhees and Kylie Jenner.
Friday the 13th UZ

Happy Friday the 13th. And just in time for the holiday is a truly horrific twist that even Jason Voorhees couldn't see coming. Kylie Jenner has entered the trap game, riding along on a Mr. Rodgers theme song rendition. Joke or not, it's pretty terrifying. 

Of course today is also big news as the extraordinary new Party Thieves EP officially kicks off the new Flosstradamus label, Hi Def Youth. Party Thieves isn't afraid to explore new territory and it's all for the better. My top track from the EP is below, and the full playlist is at the bottom. 

Debroka & Space Race - 'Ichiban'

You know that feeling you get when you think a song is gonna go trap, but then it just slouches into a future bass groove? The opposite is true here. This one's gone bad in the best way possible. Jekyll & Hyde on the vocals.

UZ - 'Magellan'

When you get so deep into the jungle that you're shrouded by haze and darkness, it should come as no surprise when UZ turns out to be your safari driver. Wonder if these subtle jungle vibes will continue when the EP hits next week.

Kill The Noise - 'Lose Ya Love (BUSTED by Herobust)'

Somehow I feel like Herobust put even more soul in this track. The sample is downright delicious and he does a whimsical little number on it at 1:20. It may be more of a remake than a remix, but it's the kind of thing I don't mind having two of.  

The Chainsmokers feat. Charlee - 'Inside Out (Not Your Dope x Spirix Remix)'

Trap Track of the Week: I don't care what you think about The Chainsmokers, or how many feels you got from the original, nothing should stop you from listening to this. Yo haven't felt feels until you feel this remix. 

MISOGI - 'Fade Away.'

I don't readily admit to being bewitched, but this track will haunt my dreams. I shall follow Misogi, and I shall fade away. 

Threepex - 'White Lines'

Where Threepex is going, you don't need anything to enhance the experience. Totally surreal. Straight dopamine.

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Party Thieves - 'Death Row'

Trap (Original) Track of the Week: So Flosstradamus just kicked off their new label Hi Def Youth with the new Party Thieves EP Undrafted. But try as you might, you just can’t overhype this. Call it experimental, call it funky, call it kazoo. Aside from the genuinely touching intro, this EP is way too much fun for my own good. 

RÜFÜS DU SOL - 'Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)'

Not that it needed it, but WSN adds a few sparks of nostalgia to the otherworldly original. I really hope he lays this one down at Electric Forest this year. There may not be a more fitting track for a post-midnight kumbaya in the Rothbury meadows. PS: See you in the Forest :)

Josh Pan & X&G - 'IDTM'

Just cookin up a lil sumthin with bae on a Sunday morning but then wait– what??? – Trap!!!! Nice little Sunday ruined. "Leave out the Trap FFS!" -Soundcloud user not on board.

I.Y.F.F.E - 'All In'

Major heat.  This will keep the party alive no matter the hour. Second, third, and fourth wind all in one. 

Half Empty - 'If Only You Were Lonely'

The entire EP, Hearts, Lies and Friends, on Buygore is quite the listen. Half Empty's ability to conjure up spiritual feels is pretty evident. This one skips along some twisted fairytale path. Fitting for the "holiday". 

Avila - 'Fuego'

Avila's previous charting track "Zero Friends" was a bigger partier, but if anything is gonna test your bass levels, this is it. 

Troyboi feat. Diplo & Nina Sky - 'Afterhours (QUIX Remix)'

Forgoing the cliched trap drop is always refreshing, if not sometimes a little deflating. QUIX, however, still manages to lift the track up as usual, he just does so in less violent, and more playful manner. 

Full Playlist:

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