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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - May 27, 2016

Special guest Party Thieves makes his top pick, plus Creaky Jackals, MISOGI, UZ & ATLiens, Graves & Rickyxsan, Wildfellaz, Lil Hank and more.
Party Thieves & Jauz

Party Thieves mixes it up with Jauz

If anyone knows how to kick off a long weekend, it's Party Thieves. I mean, the guy mashes nearly a track-per-minute in his DJ sets and he just kicked off the new Flosstradamus label with a new release. So when I had the chance this week to interview him, I made sure to get his latest top pick for the chart. 

His emergence in the culture clocks in at about the same pace as his sets, but there was a lot to discuss once we slowed things down. We'll get to that in the full interview later, so until then, here's the best new trap tracks for Memorial Day weekend. 

Panda - 'Phantom (Gravez Remix)'

Guest Selection Party Thieves made it pretty clear who's at the top of his list lately. "I'm really feeling Gravez right now." In fact, this was one of two he mentioned from Gravez. The second being a remix of Flume's 'Left Alone'. 

UZ & ATLiens - 'Cavern'

You can hear the ATLiens in this, no question. Fresh off UZ's Magellan EP. I had another single on here last week, but this EP deserves more play. I'll do my best to give UZ a rest on this chart next week... (looks away and moves on to next track)

Graves & Rickyxsan - 'The Plague'

Trap Track of the Week: Love the atmosphere at the beginning of this. It has an eerie, post-Halloween vibe to it. Strangely comforting, but once the bass breaks in, all bets are off. Beware the rawr of the gargoyle.

Rump$tep - 'Pipe Dreams'

All about the intros this week. This one is a stunner from the beginning and toes the line between bass and trap as elegantly as possible. 

Graves - 'Sea of Trees'

'Cause why have just 1 Graves track when you can have 2 Graves tracks and 1 Gravez track? Threebie! 

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Creaky Jackals - 'Take It Low'

Their Enfants Terribles EP is off to a good start I'd say. How do you follow up a track like 'Don't Give Up'? Just like this. So many native whistling wind chimes recently, from Kende's 'La Danse' and Earsley 's 'Renegade', to Prismo on 'Coexist' and now this. If you’re going to go there, go there, and this is totally gone. Pure magic.

DJ Snake - 'Middle (Wildfellaz Remix)'

Another one piles on DJ Snake's 'Middle', but no one (at least from what I've heard) has taken it to the place that Wildfellaz does. This is totally uncharted territory for 'Middle'.

MISOGI feat. Madeaux & Manman Savage - 'Swervin'

Trap Track of the Week: MISOGI is something else. I feel lucky his new LP PLAYMISOGI® slipped into our dimension, presumably from a glitch in the matrix somewhere. This is Kanye-kind of stuff without the celebrity. Experimental, unique, hybrid but with an undeniable power you can't quite put your finger on. Don't miss 'PEACHES' whatever you do. 

Riot Ten & Rathero feat. Bunji Garlin - 'Like Kanye'

We don't have a moombah chart, but it doesn't matter because this isn't moombah. You think that's where it's going, but you're wrong. Classic crazy party track. 

Lil Hank - 'more cheese please'

The latest pet to take up producing. I can't be totally sure, but I'm pretty sure Hank's just playin' us with this cuteness routine. This bass is way too heavy. There's gangsta in this lil dog. 

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