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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart (Dark & Twisted Edition) - May 20, 2016

The best new dark trap tracks with Wuki, Sevnth, Quix, Die Antwoord, UZ, 8Er$ and more.

When I heard Die Antwoord had a new mixtape, there was no way I was doing a regular chart. This clearly called for a Dark & Twisted Edition. Demonically dark. Music be damned, dark. 

You might be thinking, Die Antwoord has nothing to do with trap, and you’d be wrong. Dead wrong. 

You won’t find that fluffy, new Mija track on here (my way to cheat and sneak it in), nor the new Marshmallow tune (see what I’m doing here?), or anything else that sugary (Boyz Noize somewhat future tune, B-Sides Pegboard Nerds remix, etc. etc.). But what you will find is flame-licked tracks charred to hell. 

So just sit back, don't relax, and allow The Black Goat Decapitator Remix to sink in. Please forgive this.

Kill The Noise - 'Fuk Ur Mgmt (Wuki Remix)'

Well Wuki definitely took this to the next level. Nobody's going to deny that with their hair standing on end. Dead Prez on the bass?

Die Antwoord - "Enter Da Ninja (The Black Goat Decapitator Remix)"

So much wrong and so much right about this track. I will add that it takes a lot for Die Antwoord to shock me at this point, and I'm relatively shocked. One of a few trap tracks from their new mix. #WeirdLife

Sikdope - 'Snakes (Michael Sparks Flip)'

I always felt like this song wanted to be 100% trap. Michael Sparks believed in it. And with a little house detune, it has fulfilled its wish. The creative brilliance still goes to the original, but this is up there. FREE DL.  

Sevnth - 'Might Not Make It'

The original Weeknd track put a little grit under the vocal varnish, but this remix is just wrecked. Someone’s voice drop has never sounded so tuff. 

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Apashe - 'Tank Girls (8Er$ Remix)'

Far less funk, and far more fire than the original. Everything sounds just right on this. 8Er$ has hit the goldilocks zone. 

Havok Roth & Holly - 'Octane'

Seems like Holly is everywhere these days. Most recently in this chart with Breaux on "Lionblood". As for the track as a whole: "I think you can summon a demon with this song" -Soundclouder. FREE DL.

Convex - 'Bad Kids (Crystal Knives Remix)'

This one goes out to the rebels. The unchosen ones. The one whose name is Crystal Knives who submitted this to a contest and lost. This track is far from a loser, and possibly the deserved winner. FREE DL.

UZ feat. The Rej3ctz - 'Xanny Man'

I feel like UZ is on here every week, but you can't go wrong with this. Especially when it's Dark & Twisted Day. Off UZ's brand new Magellan EP.

JayKode & Party Thieves - 'Origin (QUIX REMIX)'

This slot originally went to the B-Sides remix of 'Origins' which I then updated to Dirty Audio & Rickyxsan's 'Gettin' That'. Then I heard this Quix remix. Dude can't be on this chart every single week, but how could I leave this out? This goes bump in the night like a good old fashioned haunted house.

Fransis Derelle - 'Cashmere'

Trap Track of the Week Not really the darkest, but I'll count it only because this is a top track of the year for me so far. Summer party anthem no question. FREE DL.

Full playlist:

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