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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - May 6, 2016

Best new trap tracks: New Luca Lush, a tune feat. Ookay, Yultron, Kayzo and Dotcom, plus Dr. Fresch, MYLK, Yultron, Creaky Jackals and 9 free downloads.

Crazy week for trap music. So crazy, I got ahead of myself and started writing on the new Party Thieves EP a week early, thinking it was May 13th (let me just say that you won't be disappointed, and that 'Death Row' will be on this list for sure next week). 

Luckily for me, this week is stacked with masterpieces. So much so I had a horrendous time choosing one best track. In the end, I had to go with the one that made my bones quiver, but don't let that make you think any less of the others. Full playlist at the bottom.

Dr. Fresch feat. TLC - 'No Love'

Dr. Fresch somehow manages to avoid the cheese with this one. In fact, he absolutely owns it. So yeah, damn straight this isn't a remix. This a Dr. Fresch track featuring TLC. (Free Download)

DESIIGNER - 'PANDA (Luca Lush Remix)'

Trap Track of the Week: You'll feel this one in your bones. Luca Lush absolutely wrecks the original track which now seems like a cuddly little stuffed animal in comparison. Ridiculous. Just. Ridiculous.

Mr. Mermaid - 'Bad Boi'

My Trap Track of the Week on any other week. All sorts of bizarre brilliance happening here. Not sure what you picture when you listen to this, but a unicorn furiously stomping its feet and prancing about astutely comes to mind for me. If you've not been following Mr. Mermaid for long, then you've also missed one of the best Lana Del Rey remixes of all time. Follow him now. Pure unicorn form. (Free Download)

Tha Trickaz & Creaky Jackals - 'Dopeness'

Usually when a track is this loud, there's not much else going for it. Not the case here. When you amp up the levels on heat like this, I guess there's only one thing to call it. So glad they didn't call it 'Litness'. (Free Download)

Yultron feat. Ookay, Kayzo & Dotcom - 'Tempura Roll'

Too many cooks in the kitchen would be the obvious joke here. Good thing it doesn't carry any truth. This track is as loud as it gets. There is a bit of everything as you might guess, but it comes together in amazing fashion. See if you can pick out which parts are which. Off Yultron's upcoming EP Sushi, Friends & Everything Awesome set for May 12th. (Free Download)

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FEMM - 'Flood Up The Night (MYLK Remix feat. Miyoki)

Ok, so this is my third track of the week. MYLK has been on this chart before, but this is really something. Two major twists here. The first is crazy enough, but it's what happens around 1:30 that will really throw you. So much brilliance in one track it's just nonsense.  (Free Download)

Rihanna - 'Needed Me (Jakoban & D!avolo Remix)

When you're able to transport me to the dark streets of New York in the 1990s, but somehow keep it future, all while running the trap... well... I am speechless. I am without speech. (Free Download)

Justin Hartinger & Levitate - 'Entity'

There's something about the way Levitate mixes rock into his tracks that makes me shocked it's not a bigger thing. His new EP Darknet is proof of how beautiful this kind of filth can sound. Meanwhile, Justin Hartinger continues to go criminally unnoticed despite a release on Buygore and a unique sound. Start with this masterpiece. (Free Download)

Velvet Society - 'Throw Away'

No tempo can hold Velvet Society. I don't just mean the furious pace that plays out in the beginning either. There's another surprise in store as the track leads on. (Free Download)

Rfen & Vaxxe & Zenophaze - 'Sulika'

I'm not sure exactly what's being sampled here, but it's unusual and pretty damn amazing. Iran-based artist Rfen has created something stunning here with Vaxxe and Zenophaze. (Free Download)

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