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20 Facts About EDC Las Vegas You Probably Didn't Know

The numbers don't lie, EDC Las Vegas is absolutely massive
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With EDC Las Vegas celebrating 20 years of hosting the industry's leading artists, this weekend truly marks an impressive milestone for dance music. We have certainly come a long way since the festival's inception and now is the best time to look back at the culture's evolution.

To help us understand the shear magnitude of this momentous occasion, our talented friend Rex Feng has put together an easily digestible infographic. 

Do you know what DJ has performed at EDC Las Vegas the most over the past 20 years? Or can you guess which record label is sending the most artists from their roster in 2016? The scale of EDC's production is also particularly noteworthy and the numbers are astounding. In order to put this all into perspective, check out the collection of facts below.  

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