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Pushing the boundaries of sound design and stylistic expression, Alix Perez has become one of the most sought after artists in the realm of bass music. Branching out from strong Drum and Bass roots, and with a history of breakthrough releases on labels like V Recordings and Metalheadz, along with his acclaimed debut album 1984 on Shogun Audio, the producer continues to impress with an innovative and soulful body of work.

Amongst a hefty touring schedule and a bulk of collaborations surfacing with artists like Ivy Lab, EPROM and the elusive Richie Brains, the time has finally come to launch his own imprint. With a debut release from Perez himself, his new label 1985 Music is thrust into orbit with the Elephant Dreams EP.

Acting as a strong prelude of what's to come, Elephant Dreams carries the progressive sound and sensation the artist has become known for.

Fresh off the Elephant Dreams EP, let ‘Room 667 Ft. Skeptical’ do the talking and get to know the vision behind the release and the label via our interview with Alix Perez below.

Elephant Dreams is out June 17th for digital and July 1st for vinyl via 1985 Music.

Each song on the new release hits with a certain fervor that is characteristic of your music. What inspired Elephant Dreams?

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All the tracks came together very naturally. The Skeptical sessions were very fluid as I believe we work in very similar ways and vibed off of each other's ideas. Elephant Dreams was something I started based around the spooky vocal sample. I played it to Ash (Skeptical) and he really liked it, took it on and developed it.

We’re delighted to see Skeptical on a couple of the tracks. How did this collaboration come about?

We've been working on music together for quite some time now and currently working are on more material. I first heard of Ash a few years back when he sent me a couple of his early works. I've been a fan ever since and I think we share the same vision when it comes to making this music. Elephant Dreams definitely was the first spark of our collaborative work which there will be more of in the near future.

You seem to have a very strong vision for the 170/85 base of 1985. What else in particular is a defining goal for the label?

The label is very much about pushing boundaries and being a creative outlet for diversity. I, as a producer, have always evolved and strived to reach new grounds with production and sound which I guess reflects in the future of 1985. It's an exciting project that is going to bring various artists and sounds to the table.

Where can we expect to see you playing this year, are there any shows in particular that you’re excited for?

This summer is looking very busy with lots of solo shows as well as SHADES shows, the collaborative project with EPROM. Lots of Festivals such as Dour, Shambhala, Roskilde, Outlook and Dimensions + more.

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