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Not too long ago, we did a review on Allen & Heath's entry level mixer, the Xone 23C. The two-channel mixer is a perfect start for those who want quality on a budget. But what if two channels aren't enough? What if you're looking to push your mixing game to the next level, but still aren't ready to invest in a club standard mixer? Then what? I'll tell you what. The Xone 43C is your answer. A 100% analog, four-channel mixer that can take more of a beating than you can give it, while still retaining that thick and robust sound Allen & Heath has become known for. 

In this video review, we take a look at all this mixer has to offer, as well as some personal views on what makes this piece of hardware so great. 

Find out more on the Allen & Heath Xone 43C.

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Allen & Heath Xone 43C
4 + 1 Channel 100% Analog Mixer
Legendary Xone Filter
Price: $999

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