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An Inconvenient Truth: "EDM" May Be Imploding, But Electronic Dance Music Certainly Isn't [OpEd]

How has a well-intentioned acronym become the scapegoat for all that is corny in our scene?

What? Yeah, exactly... it's confusing to me too, but it seems that no matter how you slice it, people just won't let go of this sacrificial lamb called "EDM." 

When I wrote Stop Calling EDM, EDM, I was trying to illustrate the point I'm making here - it's all Electronic Dance Music. 

It's kind of like Trump, you know he's a lunatic, there is proof of it literally on every corner of the internet, but people just don't get it. How did so many people become sheep? It's frightening. 

How has a well-intentioned acronym become the scapegoat for all that is corny in our scene? With DJs like Diplo eating a big poison pill in Billboard articles (after winning an award, no less) and Moby declaring everyone is on drugs, it seems we have just as many internal problems as the G. O. fucking P. The culture has simply succumbed to capitalism and hype and the worst of it has surfaced. Cream doesn't always rise to the top, but cash does, and here we are.

You have dudes walking around that think that they are actually good at what they do when all they do is put their names on other producers' tracks and stand on top of the CDJs and wave their arms around. These guys are the problem and when the authenticity of the music falls apart, so does the culture. 



"The DJ world is the corniest f--ing group of people. We're not celebrities, we're not famous for any good reason. We're just ... really lame. Besides people like Dillon Francis, who makes fun of the whole thing, or Calvin Harris, it's a sinking ship. It's a really lame culture. I'm sad that I'm part of it, but I play the game." - Diplo, Billboard

As much as you might hate what Diplo is saying, there are some truths spoken, and you have to respect his honesty at least. He admits to acting like a clown like the rest of them, so that's a bold first step. 

It might be a bit much to say that DJs are famous for no good reason; some artists really deserve it because they are good... so going to disagree with you there, Diplo.   

I've seen a Jack U show, and he was very guilty of doing the same shit as the rest of the chuckle heads. Maybe he's just trying to distance himself and not go down with the ship? Who knows, but there are certainly guys that have flown the flags of EDM that are truly talented but just got caught up in the hype. 

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I have no doubt the talented ones will be okay, but this is all going to get uglier, so buckle up. deadmau5 can be very mean on his Twitter account so let's hope he starts chiming in and setting some fires!

The circus tent of "EDM" is starting to burn and all the hucksters, carpet baggers and con men are going down with it. Just as the old city burns, the new city rises, and it looks promising, very promising. Like Daft Punk promising... 

It's sad to see our amazing culture get lumped into three letters and shit on, it's sad that people don't take the time to read or think about things more. We are just a society of knee-jerk reactions these days. It's sad that some of the most highly paid artists are using the Milli Vanilli scam, and no one seems to care? 

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I don't know how many times we have had someone comment on a story on our FB wall with something completely reactionary and off base; it's obvious they didn't even take five minutes to read it. If you are putting your name and opinion on something, shouldn't you know what that something is? 

One thing we can all agree on is that Electronic Music is great, and it's culturally some of the most important music of the last four decades. It's truly global, and the core ethos of the culture is Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. 

I know PLUR sounds annoying to many of you, as it brings about images of kids wearing Elmo backpacks and candy bracelets, but these four words are important, as they are what separate electronic music culture from the rest. Think about that for a second and bask in how awesome that is... 

So yes, my fight to reappropriate the EDM acronym might seem to be a lost cause, and there is not much I can do about it. Poor little EDM is starting to bleed out in front of us. 

There will always be a balance of commercial and underground music in this scene, and that's fine. What's more important is that the commercial side stops trying to con the consumer and actually supports artists that make and perform good credible music - themselves. We have all had enough of the copycat posers who don't make their own music and give us shitty performances, and it's time to say "Fuck You, we are done."

EDM is dead, long live Electronic Dance Music!

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