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Apple Could Soon Restrict iPhones From Taking Photos at Concerts

This could seriously impact the live concert experience
(photo by Michael Dornbierer)

(photo by Michael Dornbierer)

New technology has been developed that could restrict iPhones from taking photos at concerts and Apple has just received a patent for the new technology, according to 9to5Mac

The way the technology works is based around the way a camera receives light from it's surroundings. Right now, cameras are only able to pick up visible light, but the new patent would create a camera with more connections to receive data from the infrared light spectrum, which is invisible to our eyes.

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This could severely impact all the concert patrons who enjoy taking photos of their favorite artists. The tech could be implemented in many ways, but for concerts the venue could transmit infrared light that immediately disables your phone when going to take a photos and videos of the stage, or your friends. 

Aside from restricting people at concerts from taking photos the tech also could stop people from taking videos in movies or other places where there is sensitive material being displayed. 

Apple does have the patent, which means other cellphone companies don't. It's still anyone's guess as to when they might start implementing the technology into their devices, but it's hard to believe they would restrict their customer's capabilities with their most popular item. If they do in fact add this feature and you want to continue taking photos at concerts, try Samsung.

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