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Artist to Watch: MRVLZ, Pushing the Boundaries with a Big Sound

Keep an eye out for MRVLZ taking over the airwaves


Every now and then there are artists that truly push the boundaries of music production. MRVLZ, a duo made up of Trent McAfee and Michael Leathers from San Jose, CA are doing just that. 

They've been unleashing music at an insane rate, having just released an EP entitled 'Deep In The Night' on Wonderlust, and with songs featured on Mr. Suicide Sheep and House Nation. As they consistently produce and release a unique style, their following continues to grow. This eclectic duo will definitely be one to watch for the future, just be ready for them to blow up.

MRVLZ took the time to answer some questions, check out the interview below. 

How did you guys start your career together as MRVLZ?

  • Michael: It all started in a summer camp we both attended sophomore year summer during high school. We were in competing bands (it was called Rock Camp) and that's where we really met. We attended the same high school but never really talked. We both were really hooked on Pendulum and went to it as our first rave. We both started mixing on our own after that. 
  • Trent: I was hanging out with Michael's brother one day showing him a mix and he said that his brother did the same thing and was pretty good. One day after that, I was at their house and he just happened to be mixing so we talked. He had actually recently started producing and the rest is history. We have been consistently producing together for roughly 4 years.

What have been some of the biggest challenges of breaking into the music industry so far?

  • We feel like it was meeting the right people that have those important connections, but also having our own signature sound. You have to have a sound that people can believe in and have faith backing. Another challenge would be getting our music heard and by the right people. It wasn't until our first official release, 'Reasons', where we started getting a lot more plays and followers.

How is it working together as a duo? Do you each have different strengths and weaknesses that the other compliments?

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  • It is a blast working as a duo, if we weren't a duo we don't think we would have made it as far on our own. Michael is a wizard with Ableton, and has mastered all the short cuts. Our work flow is incredible! Trent is a guiding voice that helps with ideas when making melodies, synths, etc. He also has a big mouth and loves to talk which has been helpful asset in networking in person. 

How has your style of music evolved since the inception of MRVLZ?

  • Our music has evolved a lot over the years, we're always experimenting with different sounds and styles, and mixing them to try and create something new. We decided right from the start that we were not going to limit ourselves with one genre. We want to learn how to produce all the genres we enjoy listening too. All in the hopes to create our own new genre in the process. 

What are some of your inspirations?

  • Some of our inspiration includes big artists such as Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Don Diablo. They inspire our sound and taste that pushes us to expand our creativity in producing music. Growing up listening to everything from Classic Rock, to Punk & Metal has also influenced our sound and inspired us to want to play on the big stages.

What are your plans for the future of the project?

  • Our plan for the future of MRVLZ is to continue to create and release music, expand our following and hopefully be able to play some shows at some of our favorite festivals around the world! 

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