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Berghain Could Be Forced to Close

Could this be the end of the legendary nightclub?
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Now is the time to experience Berghain, if you have not done so already, as the iconic nightclub could be forced to shut down within the next few years.

Due to forces outside the club's control, a new “family entertainment district” is set to be built on the grounds surrounding Berghain, according to Electronic Beats. Developers have plans to transform the land by Mercedes Benz Arena, which lies just outside the venue, into a “Music Hall”, mall, bowling alley, cinema, restaurants and various other businesses.

Although there is no confirmation that Berghain will be forced to move, this does seem to pose a major threat to the club as it's not exactly family friendly. Berghain's predecessor, Ostgut, faced a similar situation in 2004 when it was forced to move due to the construction of the Mercedes Benz Arena.

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Berghain is one of the last untouched mecca's of nightclub culture and if it is forced to close, this will truly be the end of an era for Berlin's nightlife. We have our fingers crossed that it will find a way to stay operational, but this is definitely troubling news.

See if you can get into Berghain by facing the notorious bouncer in virtual reality.

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