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Equador, the newly formed project consisting of singer Bo Bruce and Henry Binns, have revealed the first taste of their debut album with the soothing and emotive track titled 'Bones of Man'.

The two artists met while producing music for Bo's top 10 album in 2013. Their songwriting chemistry would prompt them to link up again 2 years later, holed up in the Zero 7 studio, as Henry is one half of the Mercury nominated group. These early recordings would become the foundation for their debut album as Equador. 

The result is a stunning display of beautiful melodies and ethereal motifs, taking Bo's unique voice and fusing it with textures reminiscent of 90's down-tempo ambience.

'Bones Of Man / Blood' is set to be released July 1st, while their forthcoming debut album will be released in September via Pegdoll Records. Listen to the premiere of 'Bones Of Man' below.

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[photo by Ally McErlaine]

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