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If you have ever spent time in a Boiler Room chat, you may notice that there can be a lot of negativity from the people who comment. 

Recently, an innovative producer that goes by the alias Nightwave, DJed a Boiler Room in Paris and the comments in the chat prompted the video streaming site to respond: "you guys (and it is mostly guys) spewing shit on the chatroom are a disgrace to the music you claim to enjoy / support."

Honestly, the set was fantastic. Nightwave fused a plethora of genres into a seamless DJ set and had the packed venue filled with energy. That being said, many who tuned in seemed to be looking for something else, and swiftly wrote hateful and sexist comments in the chat. After her set, Nightwave responded to the comments via Twitter.

Boiler Room swiftly recognized that this issue has gone on far too long, it's been a major disturbance in their chats since the streaming site's inception. Now they have had enough and promise to make changes in order to ensure that this type of situation does not happen again.

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Boiler Room has said they plan to hire someone specifically to permanently monitor this issue. They also recognize they can't control the internet, but they are doing what they can to make sure they "shut down the abuse."

Following up with Gabriel Szatan, host and programmer at Boiler Room, FACT was able to learn more about their plans to address this issue:

“We obviously can’t just shut down any comment when someone is like, ‘They fucked up that mix, that song is shit’ but we can’t allow straight up vile transphobic, misogynistic, racist things to carry on. We’re scratching our heads on determining how to monitor it but we know that today is the line in the sand. It [will be] difficult, but that’s not to absolve ourselves. As the biggest live streaming company in the underground that should stand [up] for its liberal values, we know now that it’s our responsibility to lead the field.”

This discriminatory mindset is a hot topic in dance music these days, especially with Ten Walls attempting to make a comeback after his homophobic rant that took place over a year ago. Everyone needs to be held accountable for what they say, whether on the internet or not, and the artists and public figures should not be the only one's to feel the repercussions. 

We will be monitoring this situation to learn more about how Boiler Room can transform it's chatroom activity in the future.

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