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Calvin Harris And Ms. Swift Call It Quits

It's splitsville for the musical power duo
Is Taylor Swift Dating Calvin Harris?

It's ova... so ova... :(

Well, it seems that the worlds wealthiest music couple have gone their separate ways. It was nice while it lasted, we got to really feel like part of the mainstream for just a minute there... well I guess we kind of already felt that way, but this was just bigger ya know.

We not only got to see old Calvin in underwear commercials and spinning the same old set everywhere, we got to see him in the ... gush.... tabloids. 

What are we going to do...?  And if you really give even a half of a shit about this, well we are sorry, but you just shouldn't. 

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are going their separate ways.
The singer, 26, and the DJ, 32, have broken up, multiple sources confirm exclusively to PEOPLE.
"There was no drama. Things just don't work out sometimes," says an insider. 

H/T: People Magazine 

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