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Calvin Harris Crashed His Car While Trying to Escape Paparazzi

Calvin Harris seems to be having bad luck with cars recently
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Calvin Harris has been having a bit of bad luck with cars recently, this time he was involved in an accident while leaving a gym in Beverly Hills on Monday. 

The situation occurred when a paparazzo was waiting for Calvin outside the gym, just to snap some photographs. Then, when Calvin attempted to leave the scene in a hurry, he smashed the back door of his Range Rover into a wall. The paparazzo only wanted photographs, but what he got on tape was a fairly foolish car accident.

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After the incident Calvin obviously was pissed off and lashed out at the paparazzo, and even looks like he almost hit him with his car. After Calvin cooled off a bit he took to Twitter to express his apology.

It's true that Calvin has been involved in some bad situations regarding car accidents in the past. This most recent accident was nothing compared to the crash he was involved in back in May where the girl in the other vehicle was ejected from her car. That crash prompted Calvin to cancel a few gigs, but he will likely not be missing any more due to this recent incident. 

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