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Com Truise has transformed the new single from rising talent Midnight to Monaco, the fresh, Los Angeles based duo who recently released the title track on Future Classic's new compilation. 

Midnight to Monaco are, in fact, vocalist Ricky Ducati and producer Donnie Sloan, both endeavoring to design an escapist soundtrack that expands on what pop music can be. “The first thing is to make the best songs we can,” explains Donnie of their aesthetic. “But the visuals—getting a full experience out of it—is also important to us.”

Their groundbreaking sound features their own interpretation of an electronic genre that is unique in every way, dubbed nu-wop. With Com Truise on remix duties, Midnight to Monaco gets flipped into a futuristic realm of intricate synth arrangements and shimmering textures. It's a singular track that defies classification and reveals a creative interpretation. 

"It’s our nu-wop ode to the destruction of the person you think you should be and to the birth of who you really are," says Midnight to Monaco. "We’re super excited that Com Truise did this mix for us.” 

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Listen to the Com Truise remix below and look for the track to drop June 10th via Future Classic and Island Records.

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