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Crosstown Rebels presents Wizardry: 16 Hours All Day and Night at Output

Featuring Damian Lazarus b2b DJ Tennis b2b DJ Three plus NU, Oceanvs Orientalis, LUM, Jaialai (live), Guada FK, and David Terranova
Damian Lazarus

Damian Lazarus

4th of July weekend in New York just got hotter! Between all the massive dance music events going down, people definitely will be skipping burger flipping to shake their ass for the long weekend. However, another party has just been announcement that will definitely solidify your desire to spend all weekend grooving in Williamsburg. 

Damian Lazarus has unveiled his Crosstown Rebels presents Wizardry experience at Output on Sunday, July 3rd. The infamous Get Lost after hours has finally been amended into another event that will be seducing the Brooklyn patrons to get lost in a supernatural space portal for an entire day. His show will be a 16 hour long, all day and night event featuring NU, Oceanvs Orientalis, LUM, Jaialai (live), Guada FK, David Terranova and a b2b trifecta with DJ Tennis, DJ Three and Damian Lazarus, himself. 

"The 16 hour all day all night adventure in Brooklyn will start on the sun-drenched rooftop to the sounds of David Terranova, LUM, and Oceanvs Orientalis. For the sunset New York’s best kept secret Jaialai have created a special live show for the transition into the night followed up with vigor as Guada FK and the enigmatic NU create the journey in the Panther Room. This purely refined cast of aural curators will push dancefloor devoteés to their limits, preparing them to be evolved by a main room experience of mystical proportions as Damian, Tennis, and Three come together to create one spell."

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