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David Guetta and Showtek Shamelessly Imitate Gesaffelstein

Is it just another rip off?

Recently copy cats have been a hot topic. Whenever there is a breakthrough or popular song there will always be cheap imitations that will soon follow. We expect that from amateurs, they want to get famous fast by following a trend, but when a reputable artist does it, controversy ensues. 

David Guetta is no stranger to controversy, whether it be his "F**k Me I'm Famous" tour being incredibly racist, or his more recent rip-off of DJ Snake's hit "Lean On" with his UEFA EURO 2016 official song. He seems to be trying to follow trends instead of innovating to create new music. 

Gaetta has been hailed as one of the most popular producers in the industry in the past, which helped bring EDM into pop culture, but his recent music falls short. His most recent release "The Death of EDM" with Showtek was released as part of Skinalation Vol 2, a 5 track EP under Showtek's label, SKINK. On this track, Guetta and Showtek attempt to imitate the unique production style of Gesaffelstein. It possesses a minimalistic style of dark techno that has an ominous and energetic feel which can't be cheaply imitated. Listen and judge for yourself below.

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