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After being a fixture on social media, it's finally time for Deadmau5 to make a strong comeback to the dance music community. He just released his first original track in two years with 'Snowcone', and has now announced plans to revive his Cube stage setup.

“I'm only really looking to hopefully spend 2 million ish to get the cube show upgraded,” Deadmau5 said on Twitter. With a budget like that, the possibilities seem to be endless. 

As the Canadian producer relentlessly shares his progress with his fans, a quality that is admired by many, he recently posted a collection of videos that reveal the dynamic redesign. As technology comes into play, he's also not ruling out virtual reality.

It's also important to not that Deadmau5 is designing "cubev2" all by himself. Are there any other producers capable of this feat? We're not entirely sure.

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[photo by Eli Watson]

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