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As EDC Las Vegas wrapped up it's 20th anniversary over the weekend, Deadmau5, who was not included on the lineup, took the time to let everyone know what he truly thinks of the festival. 

That being said, he's never been one to hold back expressing his opinion on EDC. Just before the lineup was announced he told the world he was not going to be included. The reason: "I just prefer to put myself in environments that don't consist of the same fucking thing over and over again."

Now he's elaborated on the subject after headlining the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware, which took place at the same time as EDC Las Vegas.

"I had the whole state of Delaware to myself :) and it was glorious," Deadmau5 wrote on Twitter. "Fuck EDC."

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He went on the explain how the over-saturation of talent at EDC is a negative aspect of the industry and not a smart move for his career. "Think about it... Here are my options," he wrote. "Go play EDC with every fucking DJ in the world, or corner my own fucking market. GEE, tough call. 'Great idea, lets overconcentrate a music festival with the same shit again so we all blend into obscurity and promote the event instead.' 'EDC' alone is a bigger brand than any fucking DJ who's ever played it. Kinda sets the tone for where your place is there."

Deadmau5 would go on to describe how it's not in his best interest to conform, saying, the festival "simply cannot afford the price i would put on looking like all the other 150 DJ's playing there. thats all it is." 

As EDC Las Vegas is known for hosting the biggest names in the business, someone commented saying he just didn't like the competition. To which Deadmau5 replied, it's "not called competition when you have everyone doing the same thing. It's called banality."

[photo by Danny Mahoney]

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