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Deadmau5 Talks Trash About Marshmello and His EDC Stunt

The mau5 was clearly not a fan of Marshmello's troll at EDC
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Following EDC Las Vegas, which had a successful 20th anniversary celebration, Deadmau5 has been attacking the festival, declaring "Fuck EDC" and how he prefers to put himself "in environments that don't consist of the same fucking thing over and over again."

Point taken.

With all the attention being placed on the festival, Deadmau5 also had some harsh words for Marshmello, who pulled off a hilarious troll during his EDC set. The mysterious producer took off his mask to reveal Tiesto, which prompted fans to actually think that this was his true identity. A gesture that had many tipping their cap to the troll while others were left scratching their heads.

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Deadmau5 on the other hand was not impressed. He would later refer to the stunt as "some piece of shit taking off a helmet to reveal another piece of shit." That being said, Marshmello didn't shy away from snapping back.

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We have come to expect Deadmau5 to make fun of, or insult, just about anything going on in the industry, so what he said was not a surprise and many might agree with him. Later he would also take a subtle jab at Skrillex and Diplo, but we already know what he thinks about them.

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