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Los Angeles based producer DJ Drez is a true innovator, transforming the vibe of any scene his sound is set upon. He produces profoundly original music that facilitates body movement practices of all forms— be it dance, yoga asana or after-hours intimate/ecstatic. His forthcoming album, titled Alpine Swift, is due to be released June 7th and features a stunning collection of deep and emotive music, simple in nature, but paired with a diverse display of rhythm and melody.

“All of my albums are personal to some extent," says Drez. "Alpine Swift is the most personal by far. There's no featured artist or collaborations, just me, my wife, my voice, magic music tools, thoughts and emotions.”

Essence of Dub, Hip Hop, and Bass music are littered throughout the album, but Drez's interpretation of these forms is completely unique and refreshing. This is an album you listen to from beginning to end as there is a cohesive tone at the heart of each track. It's easy to sink into this one and get lost in his sound.

Listen to the exclusive album stream below and visit his website for more.

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Alpine Swift will be available June 7th, 2016 via Nectar Drop Music.

Look out for more coming from Drez this year as he's producing a Sānskrit mantra record with his wife, vocalist Marti Nikko, and a straight-up hiphop album with longtime collaborator, Zaire Black, both expected to be ready for release in 2016.

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