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DJ Shadow's New Album Proves He Still Has It

The production pioneer hasn't skipped a beat since ...Endtroducing. His new album's fresher than ever.
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Josh Davis has been important to the game for a long time, releasing his seminal DJ Shadow debut album ...Endtroducing almost twenty years ago, but it's been five years since his last album, which faced mixed reception upon release. To our great delight, though, his new album The Mountain Will Fall reinvigorates 2016's musical landscape with an innovative take on his tried-and-true approach.

This is an album filled with creative ideas and interesting arrangements, crafted around tight sequencing. Tracks that stun on their own like Nils Frahm collaboration "Bergschrund" take on new meaning when surrounded by the context of the album. Other highlights include "Nobody Speak" featuring Run the Jewels, and especially the middle stretch of the album, including "Depth Charge", "Mambo", and the Matthew Halsall-featuring "Ashes to Oceans." Listen to the album now via major streaming platforms:

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