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Does Ruby Rose Fake Her DJ Sets? Gets Called Out with Convincing Evidence

A video analysis is currently making rounds and seems to prove that she is performing a fake DJ set
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Actor and Model turned DJ, Ruby Rose, has recently been called out for delivering a fake DJ set, with accusations being made that her performance is nothing more than a pre-recording.

The evidence against Rose is fairly convincing as a long-time DJ, Josh Billings, has brought to light a video where Rose seems to be faking her set. The video in question is from a 2015 performance at Tryst in Las Vegas. Billings narrates the video, pointing out the various issues with her performance. This includes confusion about the lights on the CDJs and where a track sounds like it's being mixed in, there isn't any action taken by Rose to perform the mix. 

Watch the video for yourself below:

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She has apparently been DJing for years, along with enjoying a career as a model and actress. After gaining popularity for her appearance on the hit show Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, her DJ career seemed to take off, booking gigs at venues like Exchange in Los Angeles, and is even on the lineup for Tomorrowland this year.

The evidence against Rose is definitely convincing, but we can't know for sure what was going on during this set, as we were not on stage looking at the controls. 

Of course, many will look at this and ask, "why do we care?" We care because this is someone who is getting paid to DJ and people are paying to see her perform, do you not want to get your money's worth? We also think this kind of thing is hurting dance music culture and is something the public should be aware of.

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