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Dope Track of the Day: Mt. Eden - 'Fall With You'

The iconic dubstep duo returns with their newest single
mt eden

Remember when you first getting into electronic music and you listened to a more chilled out version of dubstep? There was one duo, Mt. Eden, that dominated the scene. You didn't know just yet why you loved it so much, but you streamed it on YouTube repeatedly. In particular it was probably the song 'Siera Leone,' that caught your attention.

Flast forward 7 years and the duo is ready to take the world by storm again. This legacy act in any bass lover's heart played some of the most massive sets at EDC, Electric Forest, and Lollapalooza last year. Driving deep into their inner musicality, they're bringing forth a fresh style of trap that focuses on a deep bass and euphoric vocals.

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'Fall With You' blurs the line between a bass single and an indie song, similar to the likes Odesza and The Lumineers all at once. Listen to the return of the iconic duo below as the Dope Track of the Day:

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