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EDC From A Penthouse, #Haus56 Kicked Things Off In Style

Jagermeister hosted an exclusive penthouse party during EDC weekend, here's what happened
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Jager Party

No Filter... @Jagermeisterusa #HAUS56

Penthouse Photos By Andrew Rauner 

On Saturday, June 18th EDC Weekend the crew from Jagermeister hosted an exclusive Penthouse at the SLS Hotel Las Vegas. The SLS Vegas is an almost secret spot on the far end of the strip, the last citadel before the no man's land between the strip and downtown. 

Jager Party

#Haus56 SLS Las Vegas 

The #Haus56 event served as starting point for a long evening of revelry for the lucky few that received an invite. Industry tastemakers, DJs, media, artists and a slew of other insiders enjoyed cocktails while watching one of the most spectacular sunsets in recent memory; you know the "no filter" kind.  

Atop the tower, you could stare out at the Vegas skyline and into the purgatory of wedding chapels, sketchy hotels and other oddities that lurk between the glitz of the strip and the newfound glamor of Vegas' downtown. 

Jager Party

Haus 56 Cocktails - Jager Thai Tea was the Magnetic fave

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Guests milled around the incredible penthouse networking, recapping and relaxing to some sexy DJ sets and fantastic Hors d'oeuvres and custom Jagermeister libations (we are working on getting these drink recipes, stand by).  

Jager Party

India's Sanjoy kicks it off #Haus56

DJ sets by Sanjoy, Gazzo, and Decadon served as the warm-up music for the first phase of the journey. Yeah, there's more to it than just the penthouse!

Around 9:30 p.m. guests boarded a private shuttle that whisked them through the backroads directly to EDC and into a private Jager stage/area. The Jager Bus was an excellent addition to the party sorting out one of the biggest headaches of EDC, getting there. Guests were gifted goodie bags with refreshments and of course some more Jager for the road.


Guests stepped right into the action at EDC via a Jagermeister portal and were treated to, even more, cocktails and incredible music in this little oasis.

#Haus56 was truly an epic ride for those that got a chance to attend and once again proves Jager knows how to throw one hell of a great party, oh and EDC was pretty amazing too.

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