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EDC Las Vegas Will Host It's First Legal Same-Sex Marriage

A progressive and groundbreaking move by Electric Daisy Carnival
(photo via Wikimedia Commons)

(photo via Wikimedia Commons)

The tragedy in Orlando is still an open wound to many around the world. This tragic event particularly strikes a chord with our culture due to how strongly we promote love and unity for all, no matter the race, gender, or sexual orientation. The foundation of dance music was built on freedom of expression and a sense of community. With that in mind, it's incredible to see that Insomniac, a company that adamantly promotes communal values, will be hosting it's first legal same-sex marriage. 

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas will be celebrating it's 20th anniversary this weekend. This special place will be a safe haven for hundreds of thousands of people to come together in celebration of music, love and unity. A place that anyone who has attended knows, is full of friendly people from all walks of life intermingling and dancing to their hearts content. 

Insomniac Events CEO and founder Pasquale Rotella, the founder of the festival, commented on security at EDC Las Vegas and assured everyone that the event will provide the safest environment possible. He recently posted this message on Facebook, addressing security.

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“Please know that we take this issue very seriously, and prepare year-round with local, state and federal agencies to create the safest environment for our Headliners. Not only do we secure the festival grounds, but we monitor a mile perimeter around the venue as well. People who attempt to rush the fences or sneak in will be arrested, as they have been in previous years. We spare no expense to ensure that EDC isn’t just a magical experience, but a highly protected one as well.”

On top of safely celebrating its 20th anniversary, EDC will celebrate its first ever legal gay marriage ceremony on the festival grounds. This special aspect of the festival comes as a ray of light after a very emotional week for the gay community. The ceremony, scheduled to take place in one of the two EDC Wedding Chapels, will be live streamed for the entire world to see.

EDC Live, presented by Smirnoff, will be live streamed on YouTube,, and on the official EDC Facebook page. Along with this historic event, the live stream will provide a front row seat to festival all weekend long. The live stream is from 11pm until 8:30am ET or 8:30pm until 5:30am PT from Friday through Sunday. The EDC Live artist lineup has yet to be announced, so stay tuned. 

We hope to catch you all under the Electric Sky! Be safe and have fun!

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