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Eric Prydz Takes Us Behind the Scenes of his 'EPIC 4.0' Live Show

"It's the best looking, by far, dance music live show ever."
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Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0

Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0

Daft Punk had their pyramid, Deadmau5 had his cube, and Eric Prydz has EPIC, a massive four-dimensional cube structure made of LED lights and more, which has proven to be one of the most "epic" structures in dance music.

There have been three earlier versions of the the EPIC setup, but 4.0 is one of the most technologically advanced live shows by far and it's truly a marvel to witness. Now, thanks to a new mini documentary, we have been given a behind the scenes look at what it's like to tour with EPIC 4.0.

The documentary follow Prydz as he travels from Los Angeles to New York City with EPIC 4.0. As this was a bus tour, he had plenty of time to work on new music while traveling. As he's working on new music, he says he never follows trends, instead he tries to make something new every time. "I sit down and I make something that I feel is missing in my life," he says while editing a new track on his laptop. One of the main reasons he's one of the most popular artists in dance music is because he never stops innovating.

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Just like his view on vocals in music, he doesn't hear them separate from the song, they're just another instrument that adds to the melody. "I never listened to the lyrics. For some reason I only listen to the melodic aspect of the vocal, so whenever I use a vocal I see it more as an instrument."

Watch the video below to learn more about Prydz, his live show, and his unique artistic vision. 

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