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Exclusive Premiere: SAAND's Funky Latin Jam, 'Tiene Que Bajar'

SAAND serves up an infectious rhythm with 'Tiene Que Bajar'



In just the past year or so, the L.A. based DJ & producer we know as SAAND has churned out quality underground tunes on very relevant dance music labels such as Wulfpack, U.K. based imprint Dilate Records, and of course as featured here, Sabo's Sol Selectas! For his second outing on the Sol Selectas imprint he's contributing a wickedly funky latin jam by the name of 'Tiene Que Bajar', forthcoming on the label's new compilation. 

The tune itself leads in with a tribal conga house rhythm that is soon joined by a sweet, reverberated guitar solo. Shortly thereafter, an extremely infectious Spanish vocal takes over and once again the beat subsides for just a few moments in order to allow the track to climb back up to its euphoric peak, before one would picture themselves dancing off into the sunset.

Sink into the exclusive premiere of 'Tiene Que Bajar' and get lost in the sounds of SAAND.

The Sol Selectas SUMMERSOL compilation gets a fitting release date on the Summer Solstice, June 21st!

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SAAND's Upcoming Tour Dates:

June 5th: LA's Berning (Los Angeles)

June 8th: Clinic (Los Angeles)  

June 23rd-26th: Genius Loci FEST (Baja California)

July 15th-17th: Gratitude Migration: Summer Dream 2016 (New York)

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